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DefTalk is a new generation messenger with which you can send information in less time using stickers, replacing whole phrases with one click. After training, DefTalk artificial intelligence will offer you the right stickers at the right time. Besides, in DefTalk you can also make encrypted calls, use familiar text messages, send photos, videos and audio messages to your friends.
Meet our superhero, DeftMan!
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About DefTalk

At the first stage of using the messenger, our innovative SmartSmileTM technology will allow to you quickly find the stickers you need. And at the second stage, it will offer them to you already without a request, predicting your desires. We have created an ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ALGORITHM, which will be trained and make your communication more convenient day by day.

As you use it, SmartSmileTM technology will work more efficiently, and the unique collection of stickers created for you will more accurately reflect your style, meeting exactly your needs of stickers.

We created for you the world's largest collection of unique stickers, which has thousands of images for each language. A large team of linguists, scientists, designers and painters has done tremendous work to ensure that you have at your fingertips stickers with the most popular words and phrases for every taste.

DefTalk is a revolution in the world of messengers!

DefTalk IS A NEW GENERATION messenger!

In addition, DefTalk is also one of the most secure messengers in the world! DefTalk encrypts everything on your phone and transfers all the data already in encrypted form. Your information is not even stored on servers - accordingly, no one will ever be able to access it, even company employees.

Why DefTalk?
Our stickers will make your communication more enjoyable!
Our stickers will make your communication more enjoyable!
The best designers of the world have developed unique and convenient stickers just for you. Plus, our super-hero DeftMan is always ready to help you express your emotions more clearly.
It is very easy to use DefTalk!
It is very easy to use DefTalk!
Intuitive design allows even a child to understand the application. We thought through everything to the smallest detail for your convenience.
SmartSmile technology saves time
The SmartSmile® technology will save you time!
In the end, our algorithms will save you a lot of time and allow you to transfer information more quickly, helping to always keep a good mood!
No one will be able to access your correspondence
No one will be able to access your correspondence
The 4xSecure protection technology makes it impossible to intercept your data, which is encrypted and stored exclusively on your phone.
Possibilities of additional protection
Extra protection opportunities!
With DefTalk you can encode your data on the phone or set a password for the app itself, so that no one will be able to take your phone and accidentally read something. You can also set a self-destruct timer to delete all correspondence after a specified time period.
Our servers in Monaco
Our company is located in Monaco
The heart of our company is located in the most secure and highly protected place in the world, where reputation in the field of information security is valued as a national treasure, and official registration is issued only to companies with perfect reputation.