Our team

We are a team of like-minded people who have joined their efforts to make this world a better place. We created DefTalk to give every person more freedom, and a chance to communicate without fearing that his or her correspondence may be intercepted. Furthermore, we intend to make every DefTalk user a bit happier. We put our hearts into it! And we are confident that you will feel it when you start using our application.

About DefTalk messenger

DefTalk is a messaging service created by DEFCOM, designed to protect users from surveillance and leakage of personal information. Its unique feature is the use of a cryptographic data protection system, thanks to which users no longer need to worry about the safety of their private correspondence – even server administrators cannot access it. User messages and conversation records are not stored on servers.

The servers are geographically located in the Principality of Monaco. This location was not chosen randomly, since Monaco protects users' personal information at the state level and knows firsthand about the privacy of correspondence. In addition, local legislation prohibits access to personal data.