Privacy Policy and License

S.A.M. DEFCOM (hereinafter referred to as the Company, We and Us) is the owner of DefTalk mobile application. Respect for your confidentiality is one of the fundamental principles of our company. We'd like you to feel comfortable and secure using DefTalk Application and sharing the important moments of your life. Please take a few minutes to read this privacy policy in order to have an idea about what kind of information we collect on our website, located at (hereinafter – the Website), in the DefTalk app, how we use the specified information and for which purposes.

Let us assure you that we collect only the information that allows us to provide you with our services at the highest level.

1. We do not collect, register or process any of the following general categories of information:

1.1. Your messages. We do not store your messages in the ordinary course of providing you with our Services. The messages (including correspondence in chats, photos, video, voice messages and location data that you share) are deleted from our service as soon as they are delivered. Your messages are stored on your device. If the message was not delivered instantly (for example, if you are offline), we can store it on our services for a term of up to 90 days, as we try to deliver it. The messages that were not delivered within 90 days will be deleted;

1.2. Your contacts. To help you organize communication with other people, we find DefTalk users among your contacts, but only you can create groups or lists, join them; and these groups and lists are linked to the information of your account;

1.3. Information about your visits to our Website, your use of the Website; Our Website also cannot gain access to your personal information on your personal computer;

2. We register, process and store your personal information that your provide when using our Website and DefTalk Application:

First of all, we assure you that we do not read or listen to the content of your messages and/or calls made with DefTalk, and we also do not store these messages after they have been delivered to the recipient. Every message and call is protected with end-to-end encryption, so nobody, even DefTalk, can read or listen to them.

To ensure functioning of DefTalk Application, we need to receive and collect certain kinds of information.

2.1. When installing DefTalk Application, you will need to provide us with your phone number, and allow us access to the contacts on your mobile device. For a number of reasons, DefTalk uses the phone number for the purposes of your identification as a DefTalk user. Before synchronizing contacts we ask for your permission;

2.2. Registration and account data: When using DefTalk Application you voluntarily provide us with your personal information (for example name, email, date of birth, age, phone number, photo). If you provide your name and/or photo in DefTalk Application, they will be visible to other users for as long as such users have your number linked to DefTalk or such users are members of the same group as you are;

2.3. Activity data: When using DefTalk Application, we trace and other users see the status of your connection (online, offline, last online) and whether you viewed the messages that were sent to you;

2.4. Additional information: We can collect additional information, when you access the application via a specific device (for example, your device's unique identifier, device model, information about the operating system of your device, information about the browser, language of the browser or operating system, battery level, strength of the signal, information about connection, including the phone number, the name of the mobile operator or provider, language and time zone, IP address);

2.5. We collect information about your actions within the App(for example, how you use our Services, your settings of the Services, how you interact with other people using our Services, time, frequency and duration of your actions and interactions), reports and records on diagnostics, errors and characteristics of operation of the application and the website. In addition, this category also includes information about the time, when you registered as the user of our Services, which functions you use, for example, messages, calls, Status or functions of groups, profile photo, information about, when your are online, the last time you used our Services (status 'last online') and when you last updated your data. We process data about your use of stickers in order to provide and improve performance of SmartSmile® technology for you;

2.6. Information about location. We collect data about location of your device, if you use our functions to work with geographical data, for example, when you share your location with your contacts or they share their location with you, when you view the places nearby, etc., and also for diagnostics and troubleshooting, for example, if your have problems using these functions in your application. To determine the location, we use various technologies, including IP address, GDP, Bluetooth signals and information about Wi-Fi access points nearby, trackers and cell towers. If you choose the option of sending your location to your contacts through the Application, this data is processed by your mobile device and transmitted through our servers in an encrypted format. Under no circumstances do we register, process or store this data about you;

2.7. We process your IP address for the purpose of demonstration of the language version of the Website corresponding to the language of your country. In case the language version corresponding to the country of your IP address is not available, you will see the version of the Website in English. Data about your IP address is processed by our server exclusively during the time of your visit of our website. We do not register, process for any purpose, other than the above, or store any data about your IP address;

2.8. We can request and process your log files while using the app in order to fix errors and improve performance of the Service.

3. We register and process the following general information provided by you while communicating with us via the feedback form on our Website with the purpose of responding to your requests:

3.1. Name;

3.2. E-mail;

3.3. The contents of your message addressed to us.

After we provide you with the reply to your request, the data specified in the clauses 3.1-3.3 is permanently deleted. Should you wish to contact us again via the feedback form, you will need to provide your data again.

4. We protect your information in the following way:

Our DefTalk Application is designed in such a way that we have no technical capacity to decrypt data transferred by you via our software.

4.1. We take all possible steps to ensure the safety of your information, which is required for functioning of the Application, on our secure servers;

4.2. We store the following types of encrypted data:

  • We temporarily store on our servers information transferred by users in encrypted form for the purpose of ensuring its delivery to the user, who at the moment cannot receive it (if the user does not have internet connection). Upon receipt by the recipient the information is deleted from our servers;
  • Data that you synchronize between your devices in the course of using the website and software provided by the Company.

End-to-end encryption guarantees that only you and the person you communicate with can read the contents of the message and no one else, including DefTalk can do this. Your messages are protected by unique 'locks'. Only you and the recipient have the special keys required to unlock and read your messages. All this happens automatically: you do not need to take additional actions to ensure protection of your messages.

5. Managing your information and deleting it:

We store information as long as it is required for provision of our services, until you delete your account. You can manage your information, change it or limit access to it, using the following tools:

5.1. Settings of the Service. You can control access of other users to certain information by changing the settings. You can manage the settings of your contacts, groups, lists and also use the blocking function to control the list of the users you communicate with;

5.2. You can change all information about yourself directly in DefTalk application. Please take into account that in case you change information, the old information will be automatically and immediately deleted from our servers without the option to recover it. To change the phone number, you need to use the function of changing the phone number in the application and move your account to the new phone number. You can also, at any time, change the name and profile photo and also information;

5.3. Deleting your DefTalk account. You can delete your DefTalk account at any time (including if you want to revoke your consent to the use of your data by us) by referring to e-mail: Your request will be processed and account will be permanently deleted within 30 days. After you delete you DefTalk account, the messages that were not delivered will be deleted from our servers together with all information that will no longer be required in order to ensure operation and provide our Service. We store your information only as long as you use our Service;

5.4. We reserve the right to permanently delete your information from our servers in case you do not use the Service for 180 days.

Should you wish to delete your personal information you provided to us for the purpose of provision of the Service, you need to simply delete DefTalk Application from your device. Information will be deleted automatically and immediately without the option to recover it. Should you wish to start using our services again, you will need to enter your data again.

6. Distribution and disclosure of information:

The company shall bear no responsibility and shall not participate in judicial procedures related to the requirements to decrypt the data sent by the User. Only the User who owns the transmitted information has the technical ability to decrypt the information sent by him using the Company's Software. We do not transfer, sell or distribute any information about our users to third parties.

We reserve the right, only based on a legitimate court decision, to disclose the telephone number and ip address of a user (the only information we store), which the case has never happened before.

7. Our relations with advertisers:

7.1. We do not disclose your data to our advertisers, however, we are entitled to provide summarized information about our users for the purpose of demonstrating to advertisers the characteristics of the target audience;

7.2. We are also entitled to use summarized information to provide assistance to advertisers in attracting the target audience;

7.3. If you have agreed to receive advertisements by email, internal mail or via SMS from us or our partners, you can unsubscribe at any time by sending us an email via the Website of the Company or software developed by the Company.

8. Assignment, change of ownership and transfer of rights:

8.1. We are entitled, at our discretion, to assign all our rights and obligations under this Privacy Policy to any of our affiliated persons due to the merger, acquisition, restructuring or sale of property, by operation of law or otherwise, and to transfer your information to any of our affiliates, successors or new owners.

9. How you can exercise your rights:

For our EEA users, under the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable local laws, you have the right to access, change, transfer and delete your information as well as limiting certain methods of processing your information and objecting to them.

You may exercise rights of processing of your personal data by referring in writing to our legal address:


42, Quai Jean Charles Rey,


If we process your information based on our legitimate interests, legitimate interests of a third party or public interests, you may object to such processing and we will stop processing your information, unless we have a strong legal bases for such processing.

10. Changes to our Privacy Policy:

10.1. We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. We reserve the right to update or change this Privacy Policy or any other policies or procedures at any time with or without prior notice. However, we will not use your Personal information in any way that would substantially differ from the one described in this Policy without providing you with a possibility to exclude such use. You agree to re-read the policy from time to time to stay updated. Your further use of DefTalk Application and Website shall be viewed as your consent to any changes and conditions of our Policy. If you do not agree to these conditions, you should not use the Website, DefTalk Application or any other Service provided by our Company.

11. Terms of Use

11.1. User Agreement and Terms of Use are inseparable parts of the Privacy Policy of DefTalk Service.

Should you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, DefTalk, please contact us or write to us:


The software is distributed on terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3.

DefTalk source code can be received upon written request submitted to under the condition of purchase and use of DefTalk messenger.